Tricks registration key Avast Premier copyright owner

Avast is one of the antivirus software used by many users around the world. Today continues to be the procedure to register a free Avast Premier key for free.

Đăng ký key Avast Premier bản quyền

With the simple way of preparing the instructions below, you will easily get the free Avast Premier key in addition to using this method to register other versions.

Register copyright Avast Premier key

Note: Need to fake ip to Germany or use a sock before proceeding to register.

Step 1: You access the link here then select as the image below

Here you can choose 1, 2 years or 3 years and for how many devices.

Step 2: Choose as in the image below

Step 3: Next, you access the link here to fill in the information as shown below

The information need to fill:

  • Vorname, Nachname: First name and last name
  • Straße und Hausnr: House number and street
  • Stadt: City
  • PLZ: ZIP code
  • E-Mail: Enter your email
  • Telefon: Telephone

Step 4: Obtain bank information and fill in the form as shown below and click continue

Step 5:
Check “Durch das Markieren …” and continue

This step is the last and important step if successful, you will receive an email with the key to activate copyright as the email you receive below.

You will receive an email with instructions as well as an Avast Premier key to activate the copyright.

Đăng ký key Avast Premier bản quyền


With the tips I have instructed above, you can completely register to use your own copyright Avast Premier key without fear of being locked like the shared keys on the network.

Here’s how to get a security key from the main Avast homepage. Also with this way you can register similar to many other products of Avast.

If you need assistance don’t hesitate to comment below this article. Good luck!

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