Fix when downloading files on is limited download

When you download a file on Google Drive that has too many downloads, you will not be able to continue downloading, but we still have a way to fix when downloading files on Google Drive is limited in downloads in this tutorial.

If too many users view or download the file, it may be locked for a period of 24 hours before the time is reset. The amount of time a file is locked can be shorter according to Google.

If the file is particularly popular, it may take a few days or longer before you can continue downloading this file to your computer.

How to download files on Google Drive is limited to downloads

Step 1: Find the “uc” part of the address and replace with “open”

Step 2: Click the ” Add to My Drive ” icon at the top right.

Step 3: Now open your Google Drive storage in a new tab. Right-click on the file and select ” Make a copy

Step 4: You will see the file has just been copied, click ” Download ” to download it.

Video tutorial:


Basically, this is to make a copy on your Drive account. Because you are the owner of the copied file, you can download it. Please note that this only works if you are signed in to a Google Account. Also note that you are the owner of the copied file and will be responsible for policy violations or other issues related to that file.

Good luck!

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