Tips to create a account 100% successful

Although this is a long time ago, but I still tested successfully, so today I will share you how to create an unlimited Google Drive Unlimited account with 100% success.

This way I have been pretty much unlimited Google Drive account and then until now is about more than 2 years the account is still using delicious, if the account you use does not infringe copyright is okay Please.

Create an unlimited Google Drive Unlimited account

Step 1: You access the following website here .

We choose Hartnell College and click Apply to continue.

Step 2: Click on Apply Online (CCCApply) to register.

Step 3: Click Create an Account to start creating a new account.

Step 4: Click Next to Begin Creating My Account .

Step 5: Continue to visit the website here and get user information.

Step 6: Fill in the Legal Name section including First Name and Last Name and select the image.

Step 7: Scroll down to the Date of Birth section , enter the year of birth from 1990 forward.

Step 8: Continue in the section Social Security Number , select Social Security Number .

Step 9: Go to another website to get the SSN under the link here . Click the Generate button to get the SSN number sequence.

Next, copy this sequence of SSN numbers into the two Social Security Number entries and do not type the “-” sign. Finally click Continue to continue.

Step 10: On the next page you enter Email is the personal Gmail address you are using.

Next to the Telephone section you access the following website here . On this page you get the phone number in the Phone Number line.

And fill in the Main Telephone Number section .

Step 11: You continue to access the following website here to get address information

You copy the address information on the page above and enter information into the Permanent Address as shown below. Including Street Address, City, State ZIP Code. Click I have verified … Click Continue to continue.

Step 12: Go to the next page, you need to enter your username, password, PIN (This information you enter as you like)

Enter the security question and click Create My Account .

Step 13: Then we will see the message to create a successful account. Click Continue to continue.

Step 14: First, Enrollment Information, select as shown below and click Continue .

Step 15: Under Account Infomation , we check the box in the Current Mailing Address section , then click Continue .

Step 16: The Education section is as shown below, then click Continue .

Step 17: Citizenship / Military section as shown below, then click Continue .

Step 18: The Residency section is similar to the picture and click Continue .

Step 19: Next to the Needs & Interests section , choose as shown and click Continue .

Step 20: Continue with the Demographic Information section selected as shown and click Continue .

Step 21: In the Supplemental Questions section, fill in arbitrary days, months, and years and click Continue.

Step 22: The Submission area is as shown and click Submit Application .

And click Continue to complete.

Step 23: So we have completed the registration step. Now wait about 24 hours then go to Gmail to confirm your account.

And this is the final result:

You wait about 24 hours will have a confirmation email of the school account sent, follow the step-by-step instructions to get an account.

Good luck!

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