MAMP PRO 5.5 - Create powerful localhost on Mac

Similar to XAMP, MAMP is a webserver for the Mac platform. Using MAMP PRO helps us develop database-related applications installed on the server as localhost.

MAMP Pro is designed for professional web developers and developers, allowing easy installation and management of the development environment. You can easily build and edit a complete website before proceeding to hosting to run officially.

MAMP PRO 5 for macOS comes with lots of new features and improvements. One of the main focus of this major update is that developers work with WordPress. But everyone else can also enjoy loads of new features in MAMP PRO 5.


  • Add new PHP versions and other components directly in the application
  • Publish your WordPress server to your Hosting Server directly
  • Import an existing WordPress site from a server directly into MAMP
  • Move WordPress websites from one server to another
  • Installing WordPress will now be easier with just one click
  • Currently supported components are: PHP, phpMyAdmin, cURL and OpenSSL
  • Additional features (Magento, phpBB, Presta Shop and MediaWiki)
  • Preview websites on mobile with iOS exclusive app
  • Easily connect local servers to existing Dynamic DNS providers
  • Easily backup and restore server settings for each server
  • Test your PHP scripts with Mail-Server

Google Drive link for the latest MAMP PRO for Mac MAMP PRO 5.5


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