Download This War of Mine game for Mac v5.1.0 - Adventure survival game

This War of Mine is a great survival game that you should not miss, although it was released more than 3 years ago, but the super product of 11 Bit Studios seems to never run out of hot.

This War of Mine for Mac has left an extremely deep impression in the hearts of gamers, and became a true monument in the survival adventure game village, with alternative gameplay and unique graphics.

Game content

The best part of This War of Mine is the diversity of the plot, both in the beginning and the end. Each character has a unique life, personality, emotions and different reactions to events that have been and will happen, and the endings are also very different. This War of Mine can bring hundreds, even thousands of different scenarios and happenings, depending on the decision and choice of the player.

This War of Mine cho Mac

The graphic background of This War of Mine is not only impressive but also extremely suitable for the war context. It is the sharp contrast between black and white, and the rough, “bold” hand-drawn strokes that fully depict a gloomy, devastating and chaotic world. The devastation of the city, the hunger and the cold always threaten every day and every hour, all expressed very meticulously and vividly.

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