Download Road Redemption 2017 Final game - Official version

Road Redemption 2017 or Road Rash new version is also the last version of the developer Pixel Dash Studios. This is the official download link for Road Redemption 2017.

Game content

Surely with the 8x and 9x generations, it is no stranger to the Road Rash racing game more than 10 years ago on curved screen computers. After 17 years of absence, Pixel Dash Studios has now revived this game with beautiful advanced graphics and more attractive features.

Road Redemption ‘s combat system is full of melee combat, shotguns or even extremely explosive explosives. Of course, the main gameplay is to make money, buy and upgrade equipment, vehicles, characters. In addition, thanks to the Steam system, gamers can co-op with 4 other friends to race in Road Redemption 2017 .

Photos and videos

road redemption 2017 final 2

Road redemption 2017 final 2

road redemption 2017 final 3

Road redemption 2017 final 3

road redemption 2017 final 4

Road redemption 2017 final 4

Download Road Redemption 2017 game

The official 4.3GB version and the 2.09GB Repack version are similar, the Repack version is a compressed and available version.

Fix file to play Online: Google Drive

Instructions for installing Road Redemption 2017

* Instructions: The installation is quite simple, just download, extract and then run the setup.exe setup file to play.

set up game road redemption 1

Set up game road redemption 1

Guide cr @ ck to play online:

set up game road redemption 2

Set up game road redemption 2

Just download, extract and copy the link where you installed the game

Minimum configuration:

  • CPU: Processor speed 1.4GHz or higher
  • Ram: 4GB
  • Graphics Card: Not required
  • Hard drive: 1GB

If the download link is broken or has an error during the installation process, please leave a comment below this article I will guide.

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