Download Minecraft Story Mode: Season Two for Mac All Episode 5/5

Minecraft Story Mode: Season Two for Mac is a great creative simulation simulation game. This is season two with a new mysterious story waiting for you to discover ahead.

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Minecraft Story Mode – Season Two is a sequel to the Telltale Games Minecraft series: Story Mode. Players will continue the action adventure in the open world Minecraft with a lot of work to be done.


Continuing to exploit and develop the story of Jesse’s character in the Minecraft world. Now that Jesse and his team have defeated Wither Storm, saved the world and become famous heroes everywhere, life has become more complicated.

With more responsibility and less time for adventure, the old friendship began to disappear – when Jesse’s hand was armed with an iron glove that belonged to an ancient temple underwater. With his old friends and new teammates, Jesse embarked on an entirely new journey with difficult choices.

The game includes all 5 Episodes:

  • Episode 1: Hero in Residence
  • Episode 2: Giant Consequences
  • Episode 3: Jailhouse Block
  • Episode 4: Below the Bedrock
  • Episode 5: Above and Beyond

Minecraft is quite picky, but if you are a fan of the Story Tree Game genre, you definitely cannot ignore games like this.

Download game Minecraft Story Mode: Season Two for Mac

This is the link that includes all 5 Episodes. The game has been tested well on iMac 10.12 and Macbook 10.13. If you encounter an error please leave a comment below this article.

Having fun!

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