Download game Oxygen Not Included for Mac - Good survival game

Oxygen Not Included for Mac is a survival game with interesting 2D graphics, developed and published by Klei Entertainment and became one of the games that gamers extremely love.

Game content

Oxygen Not Included doesn’t have a complete story yet, but it revolves around building a miniature society inside a giant meteorite, and the inhabitants here are all clones (in the game called Duplicant). Background will remind you of Fallout Shelter or Rimworld.

You will start building everything inside the meteor starting from zero with the help of the first three residents. But the immediate problem that you encounter is a pile of Duplicant’s indexes when selecting the first three residents, which will affect the efficiency – performance – working speed or resilience of Duplicant there. In addition, each Duplicant has a certain weakness that will affect many things, such as unable to cook – research, or even irritable bowel syndrome that makes Duplicant have to go to the toilet often. more frequently than other Duplicants.

Download game Oxygen Not Included for Mac + Vietnamese goods

NOTE: The current version updates v312713.

Vietnamese guide:

In the download file includes the language file string.po , copy to the link: / Contents / Resources / Data / StreamingAssets / Mods

Hướng dẫn việt hóa Oxygen Not Included

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