Download game Oxenfree for Mac - Horror adventure game

Oxenfree is a horror adventure game released by Night School Studio in 2016. If you are the type of person who likes to explore, like strange things, or simply mysterious things, then do not hesitate anymore. download Oxenfree game for Mac extremely attractive.

This is a game that, in my opinion, is extremely good, you will find in Oxenfree the appeal of a detective movie, the fear of watching a horror movie and above all the lessons in the game. living.


Oxenfree tells the adventure journey of a group of young people on the anomaly island. They accidentally disturb an ancient supernatural element. It is a familiar opening scene in countless horror movies. But Oxenfree brings even more than just plain fear. It is a lesson about friendship, how to deal with people and how to grow in life.

A group of 5 friends joins the journey

As the girl named Alex, you will have to independently pass the game screen to find a way to free the remaining people and leave the island. The game is built on an open story, the character Alex will not have fixed lines, all will be your own choice and this will lead the game to many unpredictable outcomes.

Download Google Drive Link

Instructions: You unzip, run the installation file to play the game right away.

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