Download the game Neighbors from Hell for Mac (Season 1-2)

Neighbors from Hell for Mac or another short name is A mischievous neighbor, a funny, funny, adventure and puzzle game associated with your childhood 8x, 9x early life is now available on Mac.

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Neighbors from Hell was released in 2003 but until now this game is still very good for entertainment, I occasionally play this game after the days of working quite tired.

Game content

Woody is the main character in the game. You will play Woody to break into the neighbor’s house and start playing pranks such as graffiti, vandalism, trapping, tampering with household objects to make the neighbor angry. And of course Woody had to perform those tricks stealthily to stay undetected.

In the game requires players to be tactical, hiding carefully if you do not want to be beaten by neighbors. You must do well to complete the missions in the game and look for the key to open the door to complete the screen.

The characteristics of the game

  • The game has a wide space, including many different locations.
  • Humor and fun can make you laugh.
  • Simple graphics, funny images.
  • How to play a simple tactical.

Download the game 

Link to download Neighbors from Hell for Mac includes two versions of Season 1-2. You just need to download and run the file to play immediately. Requires OS X 10.6.6 or higher.

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