Download the Don’t Starve game for Mac (including the full 3 parts)

Don’t Starve is a pretty good survival game. A game is loved by many players around the world, so today I send you the link to download the game Don’t Starve for Mac.


The structure of the game revolves around a character having to withstand the rigors of nature when living alone in the wild. Where players will have to automatically hunt, pick fruits to find food as well as raising more cattle to get food and other items, in order to create new types of equipment.

The construction of buildings and citadels is very important, where players will have to hide overnight. Also, an important factor is keeping the fire from turning off at night. If the fire is off after a few seconds, the character will die.

Download the game Don’t Starve for MacOS

In Don’t Starve: Together, players will be working together to survive. However, players can still mess with each other, when they were dead, or even chase monsters home to … kill their teammates.

This is an extension of the game that allows players to choose two new characters, Wigfrid – with the ability to increase power when destroying enemies, and Webber – with a quite “weird” skill that can be done. you with spiders. This section gives players two more new weather that is spring and summer with the addition of two new lands.

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