Bootstrap Studio 4.5.3 (Win/Mac) - Design Bootstrap for the Web

Bootstrap Studio is the perfect tool for developers, designers and individuals interested in web development, you will be easier and faster to have a beautiful and standard website.

Bootstrap Studio helps you to create beautiful websites. It comes with a large number of integrated components, you can drag and drop to design responsive web pages. It is built on the extremely popular Bootstrap framework and outputs HTML.


  • Support both Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 and you can switch designs
  • Integration with Google Webfonts makes it easy to type and manage fonts
  • Export your designs as a static website
  • Grid tool to work with Bootstrap easier
  • Create smooth CSS animations with many tools
  • Comprehensive support for shortcuts to help you work faster
  • Integrated themes and icons help you create beautiful designs
  • Smart drag and drop feature to save time
  • Powerful Preview feature allows you to view real-time designs
  • Import and edit CSS, Javascript and HTML easily
  • Advanced editor helps you edit code faster
  • Online library you can find designs shared by the community

Download Bootstrap Studio Full copyright

Activation instructions

  • After downloading and installing you copy the file cr @ ck according to the path
  • For Windows: C: Program Files Bootstrap Studio resources
  • For macOS: Applications / Bootstrap
  • If have password:

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